How long will I need to wait once i've ordered a Jersey?

A- We place an order with Warrior directly who will then custom produce your order and then ship it out to us here at Glasgow Clan, we specify 6-8 weeks due to this process, sometimes it can take less time to arrive and others it can be closer to the 6 week mark.

I've ordered a Jersey but not heard anything since the confirmation e-mail, is this normal? 

A- Yes, we only contact you to confirm your order and again to let you know the item is being shipped out to you.

I want to buy an item but I can't see it in my size?

A- We only sell what we have in stock, if we're not showing your size it's because the item has sold out in that size. If you're looking for a very large or very small size and don't see your option, please get in contact with us to see if it can be ordered for you.

Does my OSC 10% or Season Ticket 5% discount apply online?

A- No, unfortunately in the T&C's of the Season Ticket your discount only applies on a game night in the foyer.

Can my order be posted abroad?

A- Yes, we ship to all around the world

How long does postage take for non-customised products?

A- We post out items as often as possible using tracked APC overnight delivery.